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Hi and welcome to ohmygosh!

An international awards winning Design Studio. We are a team of professional media and creative freelancers providing stunning design solutions. Since inception, we have been harnessing the power of new international trends in Art, Advertising and Graphic Design to help our clients win today as well as tomorrow. Our clients include corporate offices, affluent individuals, guest houses, and farmhouses. Clients from the Middle East, Canada and U.S.A are also sourcing from us.

We design and deliver digital art installations, set backdrops, photo restorations, designer paintings that are conversation pieces; exclusive personal and family portraits and fine art realism that will make your guests say ‘ohmygosh'. For guaranteed results, we offer our services as freelance contractors yet all work, from concept to design to production to technical installation, to final decoration of your walls by our carpenters, is executed in house, directly under our supervision. We sincerely strive to develop art designs and install functionalities that encapsulate the heart and individuality of each client.

Every project is unique for us. We strive to give you ART that speaks! Mediums we use include direct printing on canvas, glass, wood, translite and films on acrylic and sunboard.

Our business philosophy.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, great value creative communication solutions. What we represent is professionalism, value, commitment to quality, and exceptional customer service. Our philosophy is to create impressions which last. Not just with pretty pictures and smart words, but with designing and conceptualising the ideal visual design for your home, business or gift purpose. You supply the inspiration: we'll provide the imagination necessary to successfully combine design and technology to develop innovative and stunning designs.

Come aboard... we've got the kettle on!

Behind each digital art print is a process, a team, a puritan work ethic and a treasured long term client relationship.
Talk to us and let us help you to create the perfect art impression for you! Whatever your primary purpose - to involve, to create a statement, to preserve for a lifetime, to distinguish - we put our design expertise to your objective.


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